WX Spots Version 2.5

Does the forecast of severe weather get your juices flowing? Have you ever felt the scary excitement of a particularly strong wind gust and thought "Whoa! I wonder if anyone else experienced that!" When strong storms hit and trees go down, are you eager to find out how extensive the surrounding damage is?

Even if you live far from the coast, when hurricanes are threatening, are you eager to hear reports of conditions? Do you wonder about surrounding snow fall depths after a winter storm? Would you like to hear the latest storm warnings, storm watches and other weather advisories and forecasts?

If so, then we think you'll love our severe weather website and software here on WXSpots!

WXSpots is free software that all responsible weather enthusiasts are welcome and encouraged to use. The software runs on your PC and connects to a server so that you can join our weather community. All observed reports of severe (and routine) weather are relayed to everyone connected. WXSpots will also connect to your home weather station and automatically report when you are experiencing strong winds. Reports can be screened by State, County or a list of Counties. Our WXSpots community includes weather hobbyists, SkyWarn observers, meteorologists, meteorology students, and those interested in severe weather observations.

In addition to observed reports, WXSpots includes messaging features so that everyone can talk about the weather they are seeing, share links and information on forecasts and thoughts on future weather developments.

WXSpots provides:

- The ability to communicate real time, first hand observations and messages quickly and efficiently anywhere.
- The ability to add the eyes of SkyWarn enthusiasts who aren't Amateur Radio Operators.
- An automated, historical record of recent observations.
- Audio alerts that can be specified by the user based on location.
- Messaging features that allow for communication with a specific individual, group or all connected users.
- The ability to provide real time, up to the minute data from your home weather station across our amateur weather network!

System requirements:

WXSpots will run on all flavors of Windows from Windows 95 through Windows 7. The program requires very little CPU power or RAM and should run just fine on any PC capable of running Windows. If you have an old laptop collecting dust that you would like to use for WXSpots, as long the PC can connect to the Internet it should be just fine.
Our community is friendly, welcoming and the program is absolutely free. Please click this link to give it a try and see what you think!

If you are new to WXSpots, you'll need to do a full installation. To download the full installation package, please click this link:

Download N3FJP's WXSpots Version 2.5 Now (New, Full Installation)

If you already have a previos version of WXSpots installed, please close software and then save the updated .exe file in C:\Program Files\WXSpots when you click this link:

Download the Upgrade Executable File for Version 2.5

Donations Gratefully Accepted!

Writing WXSpots, WXWarn and other software for weather is a labor of love, but it takes lots of time for programming and support. In addition, programming platforms, a dedicated WXSpots server and other hardware that we need to keep everything up and running are expensive.

Kimberly and I are committed to keeping this service freely available, so we are relying on donations from users like you to help offset our investment in time and equipment.

Donations in any amount are very much appreciated! Even if you only have $5 to contribute, it will be very welcome!

To contribute to WXSpots, you can use your credit card or PayPal account by clicking on this link:

Or you can send cash, check or money order by mail, Payable to Affirmatech Inc., to:

G. Scott Davis
118 Glenwood Road
Bel Air, MD 21014-5533
Thank you very much for your continued support!

WXSpots Revision History:

January 13, 2014: (Version 2.5)

- Added up to the minute distribution of automated weather data across our amateur weather network!

October 3, 2011: (Version 2.4)

- Switched from Verizon startup address
- Changed automated wind settings to 40 MPH for routine, 50 MPH for severe and changed the delay from 20 minutes to 60 minutes before another automated post is sent.

August 10, 2009: (Version 2.3)

- Nightly, between 3:00 AM and 3:30 AM local, WXSpots will send out a routine report from your weather station (which will not trigger the audio alert for routine reports if you are running 2.3).
- In addition to the weather station software already added in version 2.2, version 2.3 will also interface with Weather Display software, which supports LOTS of home weather stations!

July 20, 2009: (Version 2.2)

- Integration of home weather stations. Current data from your home weather station can be pulled from the routine formatted report form and reports of strong winds (30 MPH for routine and 50 MPH for severe) are sent automatically. Leaving WXSpots running and connected to your weather station is a great way to provide severe weather alerts, even when you are sleeping or not home. The more observers with weather stations that we have continually connected to WXSpots, the better our severe weather monitoring system will be!

July 6, 2009: (Version 2.1)

- Integration of WXSpots and WXWarn! They each work independently as always, but WXWarn will feed WXSpots data so all the information is easily viewed on one form!
- WXSpots will now resize the image in browser mode and show motion. It will also show motion on the full screen if you access that option from browser mode
- WXSpots will now accept more than 4 images to cycle through. (Click Settings > Graphic URL Source and then click the More command button at the lower right).
- Away message feature

June 19, 2009: (Version 2.0)

- A whole new look! Significant modifications to main form including options to display pictures, a browser window or lists.
- Click on picture view for full screen display
- Click on full screen display for image in full screen browser window
- Increased size of QuickChat window
- Added option to select images from web and the ability to cycle through them
- Updates lists
- Added small image on Messenger form
- Various other miscellaneous enhancements
- Added Quick Chat messaging features on the main form.

May 17, 2009: (Version 1.8)

- Added Quick Chat messaging features on the main form.

April 19, 2009: (Version 1.7)

- Enhanced messaging features.

August 16, 2008: (Version 1.6)

- Option to display automated alerts.

March 3, 2008: (Version 1.5)

- Added a structured format option for posting routine reports (severe reports already have a structured format) including additional forms for routine report entry and display.
- Color coded status bar display events.
- Added option to use Ctrl M to quickly display the message form.

February 24, 2008: (Version 1.4)

Modified the status bar to display new observers, disconnecting observers, the last report and active chats. The status bar will change color for four seconds and display the information for 60 seconds.

October 8, 2007: (Version 1.3) Adds the ability to identify active chat groups.

September 2007: (Version 1.2) Allow for the designation and filtering of severe and routine reports.